Eclipse want to help you to Ban The Bland, break away from the ordinary and revolt against run-of-the mill exhibition stands. Ultimately, what this means for you is more traffic on the day and turning time spent in new customers earnt.


Using our 3 step approach, this is how we can help you to achieve great stand presence and start those all-important conversations.

Catch their eye

You’ve booked your stand space, now it’s time to work out what to do with it. Is it brand awareness or do you have a new product or service to shout about? If you’re thinking – that’s easy – I’m going to lift the latest copy from our product catalogue – stop right now. This is where Eclipse love to get involved. We thrive on the challenge of making the most of your stand space and more importantly helping it to reflect you and your message. How you do this is the difference between your stand being the norm amongst everyone else or becoming something fab that people will remember.

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Let them play

This is a major component to any successful expo stand. Entertain & Engage! Yes, sure, you have to engage your visitors in business talk but so will everyone else. It’s a long (and sometimes boring) day going to an expo. Show them some fun. On theme activities that tie in to your company message will begin communication in a far more engaging way, whether it be Virtual Reality, Simulators, games, on-stand attractions, anything that can capture your audiences imagination.

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Give them your brand to take away

Okay, you’ve designed a striking stand, you gave them an activity, now give them something to take away – it could be a humble promo gift, clever little brochure or maybe something quirkier – it must reflect your brand.

Know your customers – if you’re in the aerospace industry then something with a twist on this would always go down well, branded model planes, pens made with unique carbon material… can’t stretch to this? – easy! We can create something unique for you that won’t break the bank, but reflect you, your business and your message.

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